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Marble Surface

The Mystery in You is a thought-provoking guide to experiencing God within the deepest part of our being. This book shatters the traditional theological concept of a distant entity in the sky commonly known as “the big man upstairs,” revealing that God is much closer to us than we think. By exploring the link between psychology, spirituality, and science, readers will gaze into the mystery of the divine and discover the ultimate reality of mystical union. 

In a world where the act of giving is often burdened by expectations and legalistic constraints, "Free to Give" emerges as a guiding light of grace and liberation. If you've ever been shackled by the weight of ritualistic and obligatory giving or the oppressive thoughts of giving to meet performance standards, this book is your path to freedom.


Within the pages of "Free to Give," twelve co-authors extend a heartfelt invitation to experience the transformational power of giving in its purest and most unrestrained form. Drawing from a wellspring of wisdom and personal experiences, these co-voices offer you the opportunity to discover the joy of giving without the constraints of obligation.

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