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Logan Barone is a best selling author and a spiritual life coach who underwent a transformative journey from evangelical ministry to spiritual awakening. He now inspires others to embrace their own path of self-discovery and connection to the divine within themselves, beyond the confines of rigid religion and fundamentalism.

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From a young age, Logan Barone was captivated by the profound questions that lie at the heart of human existence. His journey into spirituality began with a deep fascination for religion, theology, the Bible, and the afterlife. As a result, he embarked on a path that led him to study these subjects with unwavering curiosity.


During his senior year of high school, Logan made a life-changing decision to pursue ministry and attend Bible college, aiming to become a pastor. However, as he delved deeper into his studies, he began to question some of the core doctrines of the evangelical faith to which he belonged. This marked the start of a journey of deconstruction and reconstruction, a transformative process that he describes as his "dark night of the soul." It was a time of personal growth and self-discovery, and he emerged from it with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.


Logan's spiritual awakening led him to fully embrace the teachings of Christian mysticism. This spiritual path allowed him to experience the presence of the divine within the depths of his being, shifting his understanding from mere intellectual knowledge to a profound, experiential wisdom. Eager to expand his horizons, Logan explored the wisdom of Eastern mysticism and philosophy, drawing from the rich spiritual traditions of the world.


After studying the Eastern traditions, meditation emerged as a central practice that transformed his life in ways he couldn't have anticipated. In Logan's own words, "Meditation, a treasure beyond measure, is the silent revolution of the soul. This sacred practice transforms the philosophical concept of the True Self into a visceral, life-altering experience."

Logan is deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys with an open heart and mind. His mission is to nurture love, compassion, and a profound connection to the divine within each person. He believes that the sacred is not confined to a select few but resides in all of us and every aspect of existence. Through his writings, videos, and personal experiences, Logan aims to assist others in transcending ego-based identities and connecting with the divine essence within.


In addition to his spiritual pursuits, Logan is a devoted husband, cherishing the love and partnership he shares with his spouse. His journey involves letting go of attachments, judgments, and fears, and embracing a more mindful and heart-centered way of living. Logan invites you to join him on this transformative journey towards unity consciousness, where the kingdom of heaven becomes a direct, everyday experience.


Let the journey begin!

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