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As a spiritual coach, my mission is to provide personalized guidance, supporting individuals on their unique spiritual journeys toward awakening, healing, self discovery, growth, and transformation. My passion is to encourage, lead, and guide individuals to explore spirituality with an open heart and mind, fostering love, compassion, and a deeper connection to their true self. This journey involves letting go of attachments, judgments, and fears, and embracing a more mindful and heart-centered way of living leading to liberation, fullfilment, and inner peace. Through heartfelt conversations, meditative reflections, and personalized practices, we'll craft a path that resonates authentically with your soul. Let the journey begin!

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"The realization that God is in us is the starting point, not the ending point. As we look within and discover that God’s essence is our very essence, we can then look outwardly and see that God is also in all things—not just inside of us. We will never be able to see God in all things until we can first see God within ourselves. Here, the illusion of separation dissipates, subject and object become one, and we fully enter into unity consciousness. At this point, the kingdom of heaven goes from being a mere discovery to a direct experience."

- Logan Barone

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