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Heaven Is Within You

The mystery hidden for ages and generations is that Christ is within us. If something is hidden within us, it needs to be unveiled and recognized; it can't be earned, achieved, or received externally. It's something we already have, not something we have to obtain.

The Christ within us is the presence of the divine within everyone and everything, holding all things together as one. It's not Jesus' last name, but we see Christ fully embodied through Jesus. I believe Jesus' real mission and the true message of his teachings were to awaken us to the reality of this indwelling divine source that gives life, being, and existence to all.

What keeps this divine presence hidden is the mind (separation consciousness), which is why Jesus preached repentance. The Greek word for "repentance" in the New Testament scriptures is "metanoia," meaning "change your mind." Jesus calls us to change our minds about the location of the "kingdom of heaven." He says, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near" (Matthew 4:17).

"The kingdom of heaven" or "the kingdom of God" is a metaphor for the divine presence. In essence, Jesus is saying, "Change your mind about the divine presence being distant, far away, and external, because it is closer than you think."

This is why Jesus says that if anyone tells you to look for the kingdom “out there” or “up there” (in other words, externally), don't listen to them because the kingdom does not come with “outward observation.” Instead, this kingdom can only be found by looking within (Luke 17:21).

“God is never out of the soul: in which He dwelleth blissfully without end.” - Julian of Norwich

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Marion Slikkerveer
Marion Slikkerveer
Dec 21, 2023

Thank you!!

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